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Hello, I’m Vivian.

Perhaps, this is the beginning of our predestined fate. You seem to be looking for a quality PET mold supplier or partner, and it is my pleasure to assist you with any challenges you may have. Allow me to briefly introduce:

Position: I am the second-generation owner of Zhongshan Jindong Machinery Co., Ltd. (my father founded this factory in 2004), and I am also the founder of and
Personality: Loyal, responsible, professional, both inner beauty and outer elegance, truly embracing the joy of life.
Family status: I am happily married with two lovely sons.
Pros: With 14 years of experience in plastic bottle machinery and molds, I approach my work with unwavering diligence and meticulous attention to detail, I reach out even beyond the reach of my client base Scope, it gives me great satisfaction to help those who solve the blow molding machine dilemma.
Cons: While my spoken English might be considered average due to my academic background in business administration, rest assured this in no way diminishes my expertise in the blow mold and preform mold industry.
Mission: My core desire is to manufacture high precision, durable and competitively priced PET molds. By simplifying the complexity of PET bottle molds, the molds are easier to install and produce, and last longer.

Through my blog I will address common issues and present real case studies encountered in the production of plastic bottles. My ultimate goal is to provide effective solutions and rich professional insights to my peers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, let’s discuss and learn together, let’s embark on this meaningful journey together!


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