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20 years PET mold factory

Are you looking for a professional and responsible PET mold factory?

Jindong Machinery has 20 years of professional knowledge, precise molds, high-quality products, and excellent after-sales service. Choose us and pursue excellence. We will be your best choice, not only a supplier but also a partner.

We are the best choice for new plastic bottle manufacturers.

In the past 20 years, we have selected 20-30 customers every year for detailed return visits, and obtained a 95% favorable rate. More than 85% of customers will choose to buy products from us for the second time. We insist on good quality and service, let more and more customers choose our molds.

good evaluation 95%
repurchase rate 85%
Customer introduction 80%

our mision

Focus on mold quality and service, create more value with the lowest cost, and make bottle blowing easier.

our vision

Let customers around the world believe in Chinese manufacturing, and use Chinese molds, and make good comments.

our history

What problems can we help you solve?


A professional team of bottle designers can customize personalized bottles for you to meet production requirements, provide bottle molding rates, and reduce costs.

save money

We provide free design from the preform to the bottle, and combine the shape of the preform and the bottle to ensure the molding of the bottle with the lowest gram, so as to save money.


One-stop shopping

From injection molding to blow molding to filling, we provide a one-stop solution, eliminating the need for middlemen, and better enabling the smooth installation and production of each link.

Full service and support

We can provide a full range of service support, including on-site installation, video guidance, graphic instructions and life-long technical service support, to maximize service.

our team

We are a young and highly professional team. We are all people who love the PET mold manufacturing industry and have common goals and beliefs.

Second generation heir


She joined Jindong Machinery after graduation and has been working for 14 years. She has rich experience in bottle blowing molds and preforms, and is good at factory management and technical issues.

Chief Technical Engineer


With 16 years of experience in the PET mold industry, he can accurately analyze mold problems and provide solutions. At the same time, he has more than 5 years of experience in mold production and installation.



With 12 years of experience in bottle blowing mold design, the advantage is that the drawing speed is fast, combined with actual production, it can control the cost of the bottle and increase the molding rate.

Assembly engineer


10 years of mold processing and assembly experience, good at high-precision module matching, assembly and production of the whole mold, pay attention to details.

Our Achievement

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We will provide customized solutions for bottle blowing molds according to your requirements.

custom production

Bottles are designed according to your detailed needs and custom produced.